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Some sources are available in other languages than English.



The search term can be a regular expression.

In addition to the usual regular expression syntax, the following codes can be used:

@VeMatches all Klingon verb roots
@VTMatches Klingon transitive verb roots
@VIMatches Klingon intransitive verb roots (incl. stative verbs)
@VAMatches Klingon stative (adjective) verb roots
@VPMatches Klingon verb prefixes, includes a word-boundary at the beginning
@VMMatches Klingon imperative verb prefixes, includes a word-boundary at the beginning
@VXMatches Klingon verb suffixes
@V1, ..., @V9, @VRMatches verb suffixes in a specific class
@NoMatches Klingon noun roots
@NXMatches Klingon noun suffixes
@N1, ..., @N5Matches noun suffixes in a specific class
@KiMatches Klingon letters (consonants and vowels)
@KoMatches Klingon consonants
@VoMatches Klingon vowels
@SrMatches to word boundaries (\b doesn't work)


SumMatches words like Sum, bISum, Sumob, etc.
@SrSum@SrMatches Sum exactly
Sum(?!@Vo)Matches words like Sum ja bISum, but not to Sumob
@VPSum@VX+Matches words like bISumqu' that have prefix and at least one suffix
(?<=@Sr'e' )@VP?@Ve@VX*@V7Matches verbs that have an aspect suffix and that are preceded by 'e' (a construct forbidden in TKD)
@VP?@VeghachMatches verbs that have only the ghach suffix (a "bad" construct)

Built-in Dictionary

There is a built-in dictionary on this web page. Click on a word to see its translation. The translations are from the boQwI' dictionary.